Bamboo Bulletin May 2012

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Create DateAugust 2, 2014
Last UpdatedDecember 28, 2014

Inside this issue

  • President’s Report -  Bob Gretton
  • Editorial by Geoff Kyle
  • INBAR Bamboo Tour 19-30 June 2012 China
  • International Workshop on Bamboo etc. China September 2012
  • 9th World Bamboo Congress Belgium, April, 2012 by Susanne Lucas
  • Responding to Barry O'Connell 1 - Marion Koenig
  • Responding to Barry O'Connell 2 – Sean Cody of Bamboo Fiji
  • Responding to Barry O'Connell 3 – Tarannum Afrin of Deakin Uni
  • Novel Approaches to Process Bamboo Plants into UV-blocking Fibres
    by Tarannum Afrin, Takuya Tsuzuki
  • Letter from Di Hill to the BSA
  • Evolution of the Harmonica – article and pictures by Bob Lipinski
  • Carbon Credits in Bamboo & Bamboo Products, edited by Geoff Kyle
  • The questionable ability of bamboo towards carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • sequestration, wood supply and reforestation by Jean Emmanuel Ndzana
  • Carbon Credits in Bamboo and Bamboo Products by Yannick Kueg
  • Carbon Credits in Bamboo and Bamboo Products by Raimund Duking
  • Carbon Credits in Bamboo and Bamboo Products by Robert Roark
  • New Bamboo Charcoal Technologies in Africa, by Fu Jinhe, Inbar
  • Growing a New Carbon Economy by Wadzy Wadsworth
  • Energy from Biochar – A Waste Heat Engine by Wayne (Wadzy)
    Wadsworth and Hans Erken, edited by Geoff Kyle
  • Turning Up the Heat on Biochar, Hands-on Biochar Workshop,
  • Byron Bay, Australia, April, 2012. by Paul Taylor
  • Some Thoughts on Biochar and Bamboo  By Hans Erken
  • The McConville Bamboo Curing Technique by Stuart McConville
  • Robert Saporito in Kakadu by Geoff Kyle images by Robert Saporito
  • The Kiwi Slammer, edited by Geoff Kyle

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