Bamboo Bulletin Apr 2006

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Create DateAugust 3, 2014
Last UpdatedDecember 28, 2014

Inside this issue

  • President’s Column
  • Editorial
  • Grove Diggers, by Miles Yates and Ned Skroza
  • West Australian Meeting, by Elaine Hill
  • Growing Organic Bamboo, by Julianne Hartmann
  • Bamboo Tucker I, by Geoff Kyle
  • Bamboo Tucker II, by Lance Seadon
  • North Queensland Bamboo Renamed In Honour of Len Muller, by Don Franklin
  • Timor – The Next Chapter, by Julianne Hartmann
  • Raised Bed Planting, edited by Geoff Kyle
  • El Dorado’s Gold is Black, by Greg Jones
  • Bamboo Timber Preservation, by Lance Seadon
  • For The Bamboo Tragic Who Has Everything, by Steve Creagh
  • Bonza Bamboo Field Day, by Carolyn Bailey
  • Fargesia nitida Nymphenburg, by Peter Form
  • 2006 International Bamboo Building Design Competition
  • Minutes of the AGM, held in Brisbane, December 4th 2005


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