3m diameter bamboo octa helical dome

Read Paul Bournes article from his research in Vietnam on 3m diameter bamboo octa helical dome.  This dome design eliminates the problem of water pooling in the top panels when covered in fabric or tarp, and creates more head room with smaller diameter domes.


Download Paper here -->  3m diameter bamboo octa helical dome design & prototype


Paul Bourne Bio

Paul worked for many years as a Patrol Officer and Fisheries Officer in Papua New Guinea, before returning to Australia and gaining an honours degree in Applied Geography. He subsequently worked in river management for many years, before leaving the public sector to experiment with various design ideas, including bamboo. Paul has a particular interest in light bamboo dome structures. He became involved as an overseas volunteer in Viet Nam and the Philippines, and returned to Viet Nam in September 2015 to undertake research at the Bamboo Village on invitation by the Director. The Bamboo Society had worked with the Bamboo Village and was able to lend its support for Paul to work there.