Bamboo Bulletin Nov 2009

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Create DateAugust 3, 2014
Last UpdatedAugust 3, 2014

Inside this issue

  • President’s Column, Bob Gretton 4
  • Editorial, Geoff Kyle 5
  • World Bamboo Congress – Thailand September 2009, by Bob Gretton
  • Simon Velez Wins Prince Claus Award for 2009, ed Geoff Kyle
  • Bamboo and Climate Change: The Imperative, by David E Sands
  • Bamboo Compendium, by Bernt Carstenschulz, cont. by Cliff Sussman
  • Bamboo De-Brancher – A Useful Tool, by Alya Manzart
  • Thai Royal Bamboo Project Foundation Field Trip, by Bob Gretton
  • Bambu Brasileiro or the Future of a Material, by Georg-Christof Bertsch
  • Bio-sequestration of Carbon Within the Phytoliths of Economic
  • Bamboo Species, by Jeff Parr and Leigh Sullivan
  • Our Explorations in Bamboo Construction, by Munir Vahanvati and Mittul Vahanvati
  • Bamboo in Thailand, by Bob Gretton
  • Construction and Construction Methods: Bamboo Building Essentials, by Darrel DeBoer and Megan Groth
  • The Samoan Bamboo Project – Bamboo as an Agroforestry Timber Replacement Crop, by Durnford Dart
  • Impact of Bamboo in Silvi-Horticulture, by A C Lakshmana
  • Bamboo Food in Thailand, by Bob Gretton
  • In Honor of Bamboo Pioneers, by Susanne Lucas
  • Members Adverts, nurseries etc.
  • Board Member Contact Details
  • Minutes of the 2009 Annual General Meeting
  • BSA Financial Statement for the Year 2008 – 2009


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