Bamboo Bulletin Nov 2006

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Create DateAugust 3, 2014
Last UpdatedAugust 3, 2014

Inside this issue

President’s Report
Northern NSW Open Garden in February
Bambusa balcooa Flowering, by Ron Graham
A Case For Running Bamboos, by Peter Hicks
Running Bamboos at Yarri Springs, photos by Wendy Wilkins
Plantation Crop Substitution Project, by Robert Roark
Flowering Dendrocalamus latiflorus, by Lance Seadon
Bambu Tectonics Workshop, by Julianne Hartmann
Bamboo Composite Products, compiled by Geoff Kyle
Forests or Factories – Is Bamboo a Sustainable Product Edited by Geoff Kyle
Timor Travels, by Julianne Hartmann
Twisted Culms, Edited by Geoff Kyle
Papua New Guinea - 1984, by Carolyn Bailey and Lance Seadon
Bamboo Tucker, by Chris Scott
Bamboo Bombs in Nepal


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